What is a PLN, anyway?

Professional Learning Network?

Powerful Learning Network?

Personalized Learning Network?

Whatever you think the “P” in PLN stands for, it will really become all three! Educators on Twitter can create a professional, powerful, personalized network to communicate with other educators all over the world. No kidding!

I decided to read Dave Burgess’ book, Teach Like a Pirate, based on a recommendation from another teacher on Twitter.  It helped me to plan more exciting lessons for my students. After using one of  Dave’s “hooks” during one of my art lessons, I posted a photo on Twitter, thanking him. Imagine my surprise when he answered me within a few minutes!

Screenshot 2013-12-29 17.56.13 Screenshot 2013-12-29 17.56.29

Communicating with an author was awesome, but conversing with Cathy Hunt (an art teacher in Australia) was just as terrific. We were Tweeting back and forth… across the world! She had just released her iPad Art iBook, I re-tweeted her Tweet and congratulated her. During the next week, I read her awesome iBook and used one of her ideas with one of my colleagues I co-teach with. Our students created stop motion videos for math story problems they wrote. Of course, I thanked Cathy on Twitter:

Screenshot 2013-12-29 17.52.08

Create your PLN to communicate with other educators today! What are you waiting for, anyway? Go to Cybrary Man’s Twitter page for TONS of information.