Twitter Chats: You Should Try One!

It was the middle of last year when I was reading “THE Journal” or some other techie publication and came across #EdTechChat …..and the whole concept of educators discussing educational topics on Twitter. Huh? Now that was something I had to try.

When I participated in my first Twitter chat, #EdTechChat, I was a bit apprehensive. Was this safe? I’m chatting online with people I don’t know? Didn’t I warn my kids not to do this sort of stuff online? Well, I found out there was no need to worry. I also learned about the power of the hashtag by actually using one!  It all started to make sense to me and I learned how much I could learn from these educational discussions on Twitter.

If you are a teacher, you should try a Twitter Chat (if you haven’t already) and have meaningful conversations with other educators. You will need a Twitter account to start. There is an article on Education Week that explains chats really well,  Cybrary Man’s website has lots of information for you, Kodable’s site has a great post and this article by Susan Bearden will give you some great ideas for chats you might want to check out.

So get on it! Learning new things with educators from all over the world is an eye opening experience. Maybe I’ll “see you” at #EdTechChat, #ArtsEdChat or #CTEdChat!

A conversation in #COLchat

A conversation in #COLchat